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Refurbishment, Pre-owned & Specials

Refurbishment, Pre-owned & Specials


Mountaineering Designs is the leading down equipment refurbishment and down regeneration provider. We offer a service second to none in the cleaning, upgrading and repair of down equipment. We have worked on, at some time in the past 40 years, practically every type of bag that has been made from the many manufacturers from around the world. We have been featured in numerous magazines, newspapers and books and on BBC radio and television.

We rightly have a worldwide reputation for quality of product and speed of service. Information and advice (without obligation) on how to improve your down equipment is given to ensure that it works in the climatic conditions and at the altitude you are expected to achieve. You can rely on our many years of experience to meet and surpass your requirements and expectations. So if you have any further enquiries please don't hesitate to get in touch.


From time to time we manage to acquire afew new pieces of down equipment, be it jackets or/and sleeping bags at a discounted price which we will sell on with the discount applied. If you see something on the list you like then call and we will give you more information on your choice.

To see our latest preowned and refurbished quality down equipment, take a look at our stock page here

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