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Conversion / Upgrading

Conversion / Upgrading




Our 1 into 1 conversion process takes the down from your old donor sleeping bag, and places the down into a new shell (cotton inner, nylon outer), mummy shaped, with side fitted zip, wind blocking baffle and box foot). This gives you a 'new bag' at a fraction of the cost of an equivalent new one.

We will also do a 2 into 1 conversion, which uses 2 old donor sleeping bags to upgrade into one 'new bag', this is the cheapest way to upgrade any down sleeping bag, as long as your down is in good condition.

If yes is the answer to any of these points, then our conversion service is just right for you.

Alternatively we can also upgrade your bag or clothing with new down to provide a more efficient item. (email or ring for a quotation). Our upgrade service is an excellent way of raising the standard of your down equipment. As long as your shell is in good condition this service offers you the most economical way to get your bag back to peak performance.

Either way, don't consider buying new until we have assessed (free of charge) your down equipment.

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