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Cleaning Down Equipment - from:

Cleaning Down Equipment - from:

35.00 (per item)


Avail yourself of this service to rejuvenate your down equipment and where necessary remove unwanted stains and odours. If required, we empty your bag of down and clean the shell and the down separately, then refill the bag. This only applies to bags which have been on expeditions and are heavily retaining, for example, moisture, body odour, grease and cooking fuel. However, the general mountaineer's down equipment can be cleaned without going to this extreme. Both systems are guaranteed not to damage your down.

At the same time you can have any damaged down replaced, or simply have your bag upgraded with additional down.

Whatever action your bag requires, we are able to say that we know you will be impressed on its return. Mountaineering Designs tailors all its services to meet the needs of the customer. We make a professional and concerted effort to meet and surpass your expectations.

During our 50 years of innovation and leading the field,in regenerating,recovering, cleaning and upgrading down equipment, Mountaineering Designs continues to be flattered by those who try to copy all that we do. However,our experience, built up since 1972 has gained immense credibility in Europe and many other countries around the world. This experience and expertise is applied to the wishes of our customers, who return time after time again for our services.

Environmentally Friendly Cleaning Service

At Mountaineering Designs we offer a totally natural and environmental cleaning service designed to clean and remove odours, ground in dirt and stains without damaging any down, in fact, in most cases the down is revitalized and lofts back to its original standard.

PH neutral, a natural softener is incorporated to give soft and static free down equipment.

Finally, our natural detergent is phosphate, formaldehyde and petrochemical free.

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